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Kinnect’s Kejal Tekchandani, senior VP of Influencer Outreach shares her perspective on what will help brands ride this volatile wave and the right way to approach it

Today, every marketer has influencer marketing at the top of their minds. It has generated a tremendous tsunami over social media in just a few short years.

The reason is due to these influencers' devoted following of customers. When such reputable individuals promote your brand or product to the audience, you successfully grab people's attention immediately.

Influencers have a reputation for enchanting audiences with their sincere and genuine marketing strategies. To connect with their audience, brands leverage the popularity and authority of influencers.

Why, then, is it so successful? That's because having an influencer promote your brand will make it seem more genuine than if you did it alone.

Brands are expected to start dialogues, educate, and entertain consumers. On your behalf, influencers take the stage and carry out these actions. They aid in the development of suitable strategies and successfully connect with the target audience.

Influencer marketing has grown tremendously, and it isn't going away any time soon. Even while smaller companies are still wary of influencers, now is the ideal time for brands to realise their full potential.

Here are some of the trends one can expect in 2023;

Data & analytics will play a more significant and crucial role

The majority of brands have begun to focus more on influencer analytics. In the end, outcomes take precedence. Marketing executives place the most importance on these. However, in the past, most brands ignored the analytical component.

You can only enhance the performance of your upcoming campaigns with analytics. For campaigns to be evaluated and their efficacy to be determined, quantitative and qualitative analysis is important.

Otherwise, you won't be able to respond to concerns such as:

1. Which market niche is the most prosperous influencers in?

2. Does follower count impact the success of a campaign? Are bigger or smaller influencers more effective?

3. What kind of collaboration is most suitable for our marketing objectives?

4. Depending on the social media platform, do the results vary?

To compare the outcomes of influencers, you must quantify your information. This is only possible by thoroughly examining which influencer collaborations are effective.

Brands are now aware of how fundamental analysis is to the success of influencer marketing efforts. As a result, analytics will revolutionise influencer marketing in 2023.

Embracing long-term influencer partnerships

Earlier, influencer marketing was seen to be a type of guerrilla marketing strategy. Influencer marketing was a more recent strategy in the overall marketing mix; therefore, companies that adopted it early on needed more metrics to assess performance. All these early adopters knew was that it was a cutting-edge and promising marketing avenue worth investigating.

Long-term partnerships enable influencers to learn about the brand they are working with. They'll be more familiar with the tone, voice, and style that the brand wants to project. This is great for the business since it removes the need for them to "babysit" the content of its creators.

Furthermore, influencers will have more time to develop original ideas that resonate with the brand and their audience. Therefore, in 2023, if you want to stand out through influencer marketing, focus on long-term connections instead of focusing on one-off projects.

Choose video for better engagement

Video-based content is now the primary emphasis of social media marketing since it can hold a viewer's interest for longer than static posts. Marketers use short videos to increase engagement and brand exposure among millennials and Gen Z, from YouTube Shorts to Instagram reels.

Additionally, live streaming has shown to be a successful marketing strategy. When combined with influencer marketing, live streaming enables potential clients to interact with influencers who are knowledgeable about the product, speak about it, and purchase it all while watching the video.

Leverage cross-platform promotion

Customers today interact with your company across several devices and platforms, including tech-savvy and sceptic customers. If you want to create brand awareness, grow your customer following, and beat the competition, cross-channel marketing is crucial. The following are a few advantages of cross-platform or agile marketing that are noteworthy.

Meet valuable consumers where they spend the majority of their time

Every day, your customers use a variety of channels to pass their time. And you miss out on a vast array of brand-customer interactions if you only communicate with them through one or two channels. With more possible touchpoints with your customers thanks to cross-channel marketing, engagement and the possibility of making sales both rise.

You'll be able to meet customers where they spend their time if you integrate email marketing, social media, mobile apps, and online ads with conventional offline efforts. This will help you build a far stronger relationship with your customers.

Performance-based marketing is key

Performance marketing refers to a broad range of online marketing and advertising initiatives in which merchants and service providers pay publishers (also known as affiliates) a fee when a specific action, like a sale, is completed. Prices for conventional display advertising are paid upfront and are not dependent on a particular transaction occurring. Performance marketing is the most measurable technique to link marketing programme expenses to results because advertising prices are only paid once a sale or lead is completed. Brands should invest in performance-based marketing, which is undoubtedly one of the top influencer marketing trends of 2023.

A data-driven strategy and an always-on approach to influencer marketing will have many benefits in 2023. As a specialist in this field, I propose combining both techniques to get the most remarkable results for your business. You must approach the channel holistically rather than treating it as a distinct entity if you want to track the results.