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Kinnect, a leading Digital Marketing Company in India, offers Interactive Services range from Social Media to Media Planning & Buying, Website Development & Design, SEO &Marketing.

We make your brand agile, responsive and extremely customer-centric


We understand the importance of perception-building for a brand, and craft strategies that shape and influence the perception of the brand on digital. Rest assured, we help drive public interest about businesses, its products, as well as services. By building a brand's online reputation, we not only mitigate the effects of negative opinions but also create proactive marketing strategies for online consumption in order to broaden its domain holdings and ramp up online visibility.

  • We understand your online audience thoroughly and react accordingly

  • We use tangible metrics to measure the audience response

  • We use an API to incorporate our data into your brand’s existing systems

At Kinnect, we understand that regular interactions on social networks are vital to any business’ success. Our social media monitoring allows businesses to monitor their public reputation on a regular basis, and tackle business problems effectively and in a timely manner.